there are second chances, in metal and in men

I am a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar.
«There are no mistakes. Unlike wood, where you can cut it three times and it’s still too short, metal is recyclable. If a piece is botched, wait and give it another chance.

I once made a drive hook, a combination nail and hook that log cabin dwellers used to hang up their stuff. I realized when I had finished it that the nail was facing the hook. Worthless, I threw it on the ground and walked out into the cool night air. I was beating myself up for a lack of mindfulness. My wise and loving mentor, Larry, walked outside and stood with me for a moment. “There are no mistakes,” he said in his lovely Alabama drawl. We went inside, he heated the hook with a torch and gave it a few twists, ending with the nail pointing in the proper direction. It was actually more beautiful than the original.

There are no mistakes. And there are second chances, in metal and in men.»

Вообще по ссылке — просто рассказ об основах кузнечного дела и инструментах. Но эта фраза просто лишила меня дара речи. Поэма в девяти словах.

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2014-09-12 в 03:36 

Круто сказано, да.

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Alive, laughing.